Anti - Valentine’s Day themed party

Love it or hate it Valentine’s Day registers as an important day within the British consciousness. Supporting the chocolate, flower and card industry during most of February it is rather impossible to ignore. Short of camping out in your bedroom with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and a large amount of alcohol from February 1st until the dreaded day itself, it is a day that is probably best dealt with head on. However, it doesn’t need to be a celebration of all things pink and red, you can easily organise a party that spreads some nonchalance or apathy on February 14th. Certainly it will get the guests talking. So here are some inspirational ideas for an anti-valentine’s day newcomer on ways to celebrate this alternative day.

  1. Chocolate Fountain

Short of taking a bath in chocolate we can really think of no better way to celebrate anti-Valentine’s day than with some dark, decadent, luxurious chocolate. Whilst perhaps avoiding the traditional strawberry option we would advocate besmirching anything remotely healthy and instead focus on the ultimate in comfort food – pretzels, rice crispy cakes and our personal favourite, profiteroles.


  1. Heart shaped piñata

Who amongst us didn’t watch American Television with envy as every party seemed to come with a piñata of sorts? And we would watch as the protagonist would symbolically smash and bash until a rain of sweets would finally cascade. There really is no day quite like Valentine ’s Day on which to unleash your inner anger, pick up arms and attack and annoyingly bright and garish heart shaped piñata filled with your favourite sweets. The perfect antidote to smug, loved up couples. 


  1. Cocktails

Nothing fruity, these cocktails should be created using Bitters, Gin and other serious alcoholic beverages that are antithetical with anything sickly sweet or too fruity. At A1 Equipment we recommend:

  • Bitter Pill: Coke, Jack Daniels, Lemon & Vodka – a drink that laughs in the face of Valentine’s Day
  • Satan’s Whiskers: The name alone really epitomises why it is the perfect antidote to Valentine ’s Day. Besmirch Cupid and his arrow and let this drink help you embrace the dark side.
  • Love on the Rocks: bitters, green apple liqueur, honey syrup and bourbon. An apt name for an often difficult day.


  1. Invitations

Really as long as there is minimal pink on your invitation you can’t go particularly far wrong. Colours we would particularly recommend are black or red and certainly broken hearts are a deserving addition. optional. We would recommend personalising each card because Valentine ’s Day or not every person should feel a little bit special.  Adding in some Gertrude Stein quotes may add an additional element of class, however that is entirely 


  1. Taylor Swift

Beyoncé may have sang Single Ladies with conviction and a pretty impressive dance accompaniment, however on Anti-Valentine’s day there is really no-one quite like Taylor Swift to fully express the difficult path to true love. For every kind of heartbreak there is a Swift song that perfectly encapsulates – from hatred to sadness put on a Swift playlist and let the pop country starlet sing away your troubles.