When it comes to fun food, there are plenty of ways to get creative and stand out in the crowd and from the competition during seasonal celebrations.

With Halloween just a few days away, we have compiled a list of thematic ideas for your events and parties, using products that you can easily find on our website and get delivered to your door in 1-3 working days.

Let’s start off with...


We have recently launched our very own range of artisan gourmet popcorn. Out of 14 flavours and colours, here is our top 3 picks for Halloween:

Black Cherry Popcorn

When we think of Halloween, we think of scary stuff. When we think of scary stuff, we associate dark colours with it. It doesn’t get darker than black – black popcorn certainly provides a spooky touch to any environment and builds curiosity amongst people.

Green Apple Popcorn

Aliens, witches, potions, smoke… – green recalls all things bizarre, meaning it works perfectly for Halloween.

Orange Popcorn

Pumpkins have become the main symbol of Halloween and so has their colour. Orange treats are therefore a must-have at Halloween events. Considering everyone loves sweet popcorn, our sweet-flavoured, orange-coloured popcorn makes the ideal choice.


Psst, an extra suggestion:

Chili & Lime Popcorn

We are giving trick or treat a whole new meaning with our spicy popcorn – you may think it's a treat, but it's really a trick when the chilli flavour kicks in! With a bloody colour, it's the perfect mischief.


Next up we have...


For the same reasons why we chose the previous popcorn colours, our top 3 candy floss flavours for Halloween is:

Grape Candy Floss Sugar

There is a reason why Gold Medal named this flavour “Spookie Fruiti” and now is the time to give it meaning. Purple is yet another colour that fits in and follows the Halloween memo.

Green Apple Candy Floss Sugar

Green candy floss isn’t very common to see, which only means that it will draw curious eyes and mouths all around. Its entrancing neon colour makes it even more Halloweeny.

Spices Candy Floss Sugar*

This spicy candy floss flavour brings your favourite autumn flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice together. The colour, flavour and smell combined make the dream team for a Halloween treat.


*If you desire non-spicy orange-coloured candy floss, we sell orange-coloured and flavoured candy floss sugar.

Psst, a little note:

White candy floss might look plain and boring, but it’s actually great for Halloween as it can impersonate ghosts or spider webs. Choose from birthday cake or passion fruit flavours.


This is where imagination comes to play. Using our candy floss sticks, plain candy floss bags and plain candy floss tubs, you are able to create spooky things with your candy floss.

Get inspired:


Last but not least, we can't forget...


Apples are nice and healthy, but they can be wicked. Coat them in dark coloured glossy sugar and they sure end up with a slight evil look – some people (including a certain Disney princess) even call it poison apples! Besides caramel dips, we sell mixes that turn your apples red, blue or purple.

Cherry Apple Mix

Blue Raspberry Apple Mix

Grape Apple Mix


All three mixes and caramel dips by themselves are enough to produce spooky-looking apples, but you can go a step further and decorate your toffee apples Halloween-style. 

Get inspired:


Show the true spirit of Halloween and make the most of this tradition at events that you are either organising or taking part in. All of the mentioned products and ideas are easy, quick and affordable to create. Order them today, so you can get ready for the big day!