The popularity of popcorn

The popularity of popcorn

POP… POP… POP… The sound hits you, slow at first, then like a storm, they magically transform into billows of crunchy yet soft white goodness. Next, the smell, tantalizing your noses and our taste buds. By the time your teeth crunch down on that first bite, you’re completely hooked!

#Popcorn is an irresistible treat. Try keeping a bowl to yourself during family movie night, or buying a small bucket at the movie theater. Before you know it, everyone is grabbing a handful of it and nothing is left. Popcorn is a simple, tasty treat on its own, but it also lends itself to a variety of toppings; butter, sugar, cinnamon, caramel, a sprinkle of smoked paprika, even chocolate! Popcorn provides a perfect canvas for your sweet and salty cravings.


The popcorn variety of maize was domesticated by Pre-Columbian indigenous peoples by 5000 B.C.E. It is a small and harder form of flint corn, most commonly found in white or yellow kernels. The stalks produce several years at a time, though they are smaller and yield less corn than other maize varieties. The “pop” is not limited exclusively to this type of maize, but the flake of other types is smaller by comparison. Popcorn likely arrived in to southwest

America over 2500 years ago, but was not found growing east of the Mississippi until the early 1800s due to botanical and environmental factors. Today the Midwest is famous for its “Corn Belt,” but prior to the introduction of the steel plow during the 19th century, soil conditions in that region were not suitable for growing corn. Evidence of popcorn’s first “pop” did not appear until the 1820s, when it was sold throughout the eastern United States under the names Pearl or Nonpareil.

One of the earliest recipes for popping corn came from Daniel Browne during the 1840s. His method required one to “Take a grill, a half pint, or more of Valparaiso or Pop Corn, and put in a frying-pan, slightly buttered, or rubbed with lard. Hold the pan over a fire so as constantly to stir or shake the corn within, and in a few minutes each kernel will pop, or turn inside out.” He adds that salt or sugar can be added while the popcorn is still hot. The problem with this method was that butter tended to burn before reaching a high enough temperature and lard produced popcorn that was soaked with grease. It wasn’t until the second half of the nineteenth century that an efficient method for popping corn was developed.


As popcorn grew in popularity, it began to appear in all sorts of variations. Louis Ruckheim came up with the first version of Cracker Jack, made from popcorn, peanuts and molasses, during the late 1890s. There are several different stories surrounding how the snack first got its name, but it undoubtedly derived from a popular slang term during the era, meaning “excellent” or “first rate.”

Popcorn’s mass appeal was brought to new heights thanks to movie theaters. Surprisingly, theater owners were not on board with popcorn sales in the beginning. They thought it might create an unnecessary nuisance in addition to requiring expensive changes, like installing outside vents to rid the building of smoky popcorn odors and the trend spread quickly.

Today Popcorn sales are up 169 per cent in the last five years reaching an estimated £129M

Bags of popped corn with gourmet flavorings have replaced crisps on the shelves of trendy lunch chains such as Pret a Manger and Costa.‎ Supermarkets and other brands are promoting them as healthy and even skinny.


Popcorn is the star growth performer in the crisps, savory snacks and nut market, more than doubling in size from 2010-15.

Popcorn’s health credentials and flavor innovations have helped boost the segment, along with its popularity among younger consumers, who are more likely to snack'

Statistics show over one third (35per cent) of people have eaten popcorn in a three month period, rising to half (49per cent) of those aged 16-34.

Can you imagine walking into a movie theater today without the scent of popcorn welcoming you inside? I sure cannot!!!

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International School Meals day

International School Meals day was co-founded in 2010 by the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States. Essentially it aims to affect the way children (and schools) approach food, a fight that was spearheaded by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver a few years ago and that remains extremely pertinent throughout the world. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention childhood obesity has more than quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years and in 2012 more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese.  These children run a far higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, morbidity and disability.

Not only is the government trying to raise awareness, but last year introduced laws to make clear the seriousness of reducing obesity in England. These included an emphasis on wholegrain foods instead of refined carbohydrates, one or more portions of vegetables or salad each day and no more than two portions of pastry each week. 

 So in support of this fantastic, meaningful charity at A1 equipment we have researched some tasty, healthy alternatives for children’s meals.


Popcorn is not only a fun treat to satisfy any child’s palette, but it is also a healthy alternative to traditional snacks (specifically fried crisps and sugar heavy cookies.) Made using very little oil and with plenty of low fat topping to choose from it is a delicious treat that can be bought pre-made or using a dedicated


Baked Breaded chicken

Whilst Kentucky Fried Chicken immortalised the popularity of fried, coated chicken there is no doubt that frying chicken somewhat detracts from this actually quite healthy source of protein. However, getting kids to eat anything that looks even remotely healthy can be extremely difficult. We advise baking breaded chicken and using fry light rather than oil and still calling them fried chicken. Less calories, less hassle and far far healthier.  


The fact that water is good and fizzy drinks are bad is a statement that few would deny, but that many find difficult to put into practice. According to an article in the Telegraph sugary drinks kill 184,000 adults a year – this is far more than an old wives tale, but a serious warning. Fizzy drinks can cause early puberty, obesity and premature aging. Ensure your school has healthier options, whilst it may be a challenge to get

children to drink water try using a small amount of cordial, or flavoured water as an alternative way to help reduce fizzy drink intake.  

Healthy Vending Company

There is something immensely satisfying to both adults and children alike to making a purchase from a vending machine. For a child, it is really rather exciting and certainly many school memories revolve around the fight to the vending machines. However, filling them with chocolates and sweets (however profitable) does a massive disservice to a school. Not only do they often little in nutrition they also mean children are far more likely to be hyperactive. Opt instead for a healthy vending machine filled with equally tasty, healthy snacks such as the extremely popular naked bars. 

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National Peanut Butter lover’s day

National Peanut Butter lover’s day

We are overjoyed that today is national peanut butter lover’s day, a day that celebrates this marvellous invention. Whilst there may be differing opinions over crunchy or smooth (which interestingly can be split by gender and geography with women preferring smooth whilst the West Coast of America prefer crunchy.) There is no doubt that we all love peanut butter – gluten free and vegan (although admittedly not great for those with nut allergies) it is a delicious treat and actually surprisingly healthy. Whilst by no means low in calories it is chock full of vitamins and minerals and very filling for those of us who find themselves hungry by 10.30.

So in honour of this auspicious occasion we have compiled a list of the things we most love to eat with our peanut butter.

  1. Crepes

Delicious and light we are not sure we will ever get over our love for crepes. A far superior alternative to the American pancake we like ours straight from the pan, and find them to be the perfect accompaniment to any tourist walk or shopping mall experience. And whilst we could write love letters to the many different toppings peanut butter and caramelised banana will always be one of our favourites.

  1. Churros  

    A healthier and lighter cousin to the donut, a perfect cylindrical shape baked to crisp perfection they just begged to dipped and dunked in some rich, luxurious dips. Whilst chocolate is a more classic option we cannot stress how melted peanut butter is the perfect marriage with our churros. It may not be carrot sticks and humus, but it is that little bit healthier than a jam donut whilst still offering some fantastic guilty pleasure.

  2. Waffles Fluffy, soft and super decadent the waffle baker is an invention conceived in heaven. Possibly the best thing to come out of Brussels and one of our best sellers we think there are very few events that aren’t enhanced by this phenomenal invention. And so we were overjoyed the first time we thought to combine our favourite spread with our soft, luxurious waffles to find ourselves in food heaven.

  3. Ice Cream

    Ice cream in cones, in tubs from dedicated parlours or just eaten with a spoon on the couch in pyjamas (possibly our favourite option) brings a little bit of heaven to our days on earth. However, for that little bit of extra decadence we advise an Ice Cream Sunday (a name we feel is rather misleading as they are perfectly advisable for any day of the week). We like ours with whipped cream, delectable sauces and lashings of peanut butter and chocolate drops.

    1. Toast

    A classic, but none the less our final favourite has to be peanut butter on toast. Spread thickly on a bagel it has to be the most perfect way to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning. They are those rebels who favour jam and we have even met those who add chocolate spread. However, we are genuinely not sure if there is anything better than warm toast with peanut butter, except maybe off a spoon. Maybe…

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Bouncy Castle Hire: Special Add-ons

Bouncy Castle Hire: Special Add-ons


Bouncy Castles are a beloved addition to many children’s birthday parties, bright, vibrant and exciting they can keep children entertained for hours on end. However, unless you are part of the Kardashian-West Klan and can afford a bouncy castle the size of a small house most castles can only accommodate a portion of any child’s Birthday party. And there are so many additions that could help make any birthday party that little bit more special (as well as help boost your profits.)

Face painting

There is little a child enjoys more than fancy dress and experimenting at being someone or something else for a little while. Keeping them entertained and occupied it is a fantastic addition to any child’s Birthday Party. Although we would advise investing in some hypoallergenic, super sensitive face paints to save any potential difficulties.

Circus activities

These are relatively cheap to buy and have the added advantage of being able to occupy more than one child. Toys like juggling balls, diablos or a (small) unicycle can all enhance a birthday party, giving children a little more variation and an easy and affordable theme to build a birthday party around.

Candy Floss Machine

We cannot pretend candy floss is the healthiest of snacks, however it is cheap to make and a firm kid favourite. Looking like a cloud and melting on the mouth it is basically the closest thing to entertainment in food form. Making candy floss can be an activity in itself and the very brave may allow the birthday boy or girl to have a go at preparing the candy floss. We also provide live demonstrations in our show room where we can answer all your questions and show you how easy making and selling candy floss can be.

Popcorn Machine

A far healthier alternative and perfect for families concerned about nutrition, popcorn is a healthy snack that can be pre-bagged and keep children entertained and full for hours on end. Coming in different flavours from sweet to savoury this is not only the perfect snack for kids, but for their parents as well.

Party bags

A necessity for any kid’s birthday party these are an easy upsell. Cheap to make and one less thing for a parent to do buying in bulk could make these a fantastic addition to your service. We advise some cheap yoyos, birthday cake (of course), a bag of balloons and a cheap £1 book.



Offering an entertainer is a great way to keep children entertained. Coming in different shapes and sizes entertainers should be DBS checked and come with reliable recommendations. A good children’s entertainer is worth his weight in gold and we would advise working hard to source the very best as they can make (or unfortunately) break a child’s Birthday party.

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Nacho Chip Day – (24th February)

At A1 Equipment we are delighted that Nacho chips have their own dedicated day and feel it is certainly time that this wonderful snack was properly celebrated. Invented in the 1950s by Rebecca Webb Carranza (a woman we fear has been somewhat forgotten by history) they were created to reuse the waste that was produced as many tortilla(nacho) machines produced misshapen tortillas. Instead of simply throwing them produce away Webb Carranza used the old adage “waste not want not” and instead cut the tortillas into triangles, fried then and invented the tortilla chip. Now a highlight in Spanish and Mexican restaurants as well as cinemas everywhere we think the culinary map would surely be lacking if not for this wonderful lady and her glorious invention. So in honour of Tortilla chips and Rebecca we have compiled a list of our favourite ways to eat tortilla chips.

Cheese sauce

There is no combination more classic than nachos and cheese. Simple, delicious it is a match made in foodie heaven. Really there is little that isn’t enhanced by cheese – a phenomenal food group alone. But, combined with the crunch of tortilla chips it is the best possible way to watch a movie or to begin your meal.

Jalapeno Chillies

Not for the fainthearted, Jalapeno Chillies add a serious spice factor. Adding a few of these to your nacho dish will give the aesthetic of a serious nacho eater and provide your taste buds with a serious tingle. The brave may try eating one lone chilli, however we advise coating in copious amounts of cheese and sour cream to stomach this terrifying addition.


From the mild to the spicy no nacho plate is complete without this obligatory addition. Vivid in colour and alive in taste this delicious addition adds a little (or a lot of) kick to any nacho tasting experience.


Adding a little bit of nutrition to a traditional nacho dish (avocados contain nearly 20 essential nutrients including fibre, potassium, Vitamin E, B and folic acid.) A creamy, indulgent addition they add another texture to a plate of nachos and can make you feel a little bit healthy.  

Sour Cream & Chive

Acting as something of a pallet cleanser (especially for those who have been a little heavy handed with the salsa.) This cool, creamy topping can help calm down the spice and is a perfect accompaniment for those who favour a milder flavour.

There are also plenty of delicious alternatives to the classic nacho recipe, for the more daring there is always:

Tex-Mex – This basically means adding in refried beans, a delicious dip that is incredibly easy to prepare. Resist the lure of the can and make the real deal for a delicious extra to your nacho dish.

Cajun – offering a far more subtle flavour, the Cajun offering is a tasty alternative.

 Includes: Cheese, Sausages, peppers, celery and onion

Greek – a lighter, lower calorie alternative to the traditional Mexican snack.

Includes: Humus, cucumber, tomatoes, feta, red onion, black olives & tzatziki

BBQ Chicken – Really a wonderful combination, for those who have yet to sample the beauty of BBQ sauce and we recommend you go and do so as soon as humanely possible.

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Anti - Valentine’s Day themed party

Anti - Valentine’s Day themed party

Love it or hate it Valentine’s Day registers as an important day within the British consciousness. Supporting the chocolate, flower and card industry during most of February it is rather impossible to ignore. Short of camping out in your bedroom with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and a large amount of alcohol from February 1st until the dreaded day itself, it is a day that is probably best dealt with head on. However, it doesn’t need to be a celebration of all things pink and red, you can easily organise a party that spreads some nonchalance or apathy on February 14th. Certainly it will get the guests talking. So here are some inspirational ideas for an anti-valentine’s day newcomer on ways to celebrate this alternative day.

  1. Chocolate Fountain

Short of taking a bath in chocolate we can really think of no better way to celebrate anti-Valentine’s day than with some dark, decadent, luxurious chocolate. Whilst perhaps avoiding the traditional strawberry option we would advocate besmirching anything remotely healthy and instead focus on the ultimate in comfort food – pretzels, rice crispy cakes and our personal favourite, profiteroles.


  1. Heart shaped piñata

Who amongst us didn’t watch American Television with envy as every party seemed to come with a piñata of sorts? And we would watch as the protagonist would symbolically smash and bash until a rain of sweets would finally cascade. There really is no day quite like Valentine ’s Day on which to unleash your inner anger, pick up arms and attack and annoyingly bright and garish heart shaped piñata filled with your favourite sweets. The perfect antidote to smug, loved up couples. 


  1. Cocktails

Nothing fruity, these cocktails should be created using Bitters, Gin and other serious alcoholic beverages that are antithetical with anything sickly sweet or too fruity. At A1 Equipment we recommend:

  • Bitter Pill: Coke, Jack Daniels, Lemon & Vodka – a drink that laughs in the face of Valentine’s Day
  • Satan’s Whiskers: The name alone really epitomises why it is the perfect antidote to Valentine ’s Day. Besmirch Cupid and his arrow and let this drink help you embrace the dark side.
  • Love on the Rocks: bitters, green apple liqueur, honey syrup and bourbon. An apt name for an often difficult day.


  1. Invitations

Really as long as there is minimal pink on your invitation you can’t go particularly far wrong. Colours we would particularly recommend are black or red and certainly broken hearts are a deserving addition. optional. We would recommend personalising each card because Valentine ’s Day or not every person should feel a little bit special.  Adding in some Gertrude Stein quotes may add an additional element of class, however that is entirely 


  1. Taylor Swift

Beyoncé may have sang Single Ladies with conviction and a pretty impressive dance accompaniment, however on Anti-Valentine’s day there is really no-one quite like Taylor Swift to fully express the difficult path to true love. For every kind of heartbreak there is a Swift song that perfectly encapsulates – from hatred to sadness put on a Swift playlist and let the pop country starlet sing away your troubles. 


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World Nutella day 4th Feb

World Nutella day

The world’s favourite chocolate spread receives a very worthy day of celebration on February 5th as people up and down the United Kingdom, and around the world, celebrate a day filled with luxurious, lavish Nutella. A name that has come to symbolise the best that chocolate has to offer it was actually founded during the chocolate shortage of World War II when the founder Pietro Ferrero added hazelnuts to extend the cocoa supply.

Since then its fame has grown and a jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds, meaning the incredibly lucky Ferrero family now live in a castle of chocolate. A worthy celebration of the ridiculous level of wealth they have generated due to this chocolate sensation.

So to celebrate Nutella in all its chocolate-y glory we have compiled a list of our favourite ways to eat this delectable treat.

Hot Chocolate

For a truly decadent drinking experience use Nutella as an alternative for Chocolate powder. Mix a liberal tablespoon of Nutella with milk, boiling water and top with whipped cream and marshmallows. As the weather turns colder and we fight snow storms, blizzards and freezing temperatures this really is the time to snuggle up with a warm mug of molten chocolate and imagine what life would be like in a chocolate castle.

On Toast

An oldie, but a goodie and something that is done incredibly well by the team at Nutella. The Nutella brand is in the Guinness Book of World Records for serving the largest ever continental breakfast. This impressive feat saw the team of Nutella feed 27,854 hungry people in Gelsenkirchen, German in May 2005. For an additional sumptuous treat we recommend making French toast topped with Nutella to really enjoy this delicious spread.

Nutella Frosting

Does anything more need to be said? Mix Nutella with any frosting for a cake that will have your guests talking for months to come.


Nutella is made from hazelnuts and is therefore a little bit healthy. Make it into a fully healthy treat by making homemade granola using oats, almonds, raisins, sugar and Nutella. A simple way to get your kids eating a far more healthy (and filling) breakfast than cocoa pops.

Crepe Topping

The perfect topping for all things crepe, a Nutella topping is a natural accompaniment for a warm, fresh off the grill Crepe. Combining the best of French cuisine and this Italian invention it is a match made in culinary heaven. For a slight variety add some mini marshmallows to the still-hot crepes to create smore crepes.


A wonderful alternative treat, these are perfectly completed by melted Nutella. With their unique cylindrical shape they offer an easy dipping method and beg to be coated in this delicious hazelnut mixture for maximum taste event.

On a spoon

Arguably the best way to eat Nutella. We advise taking a brand new, never before opened jar of Nutella and taking care and attention over this lavish act. Armed with a tea spoon break the smooth texture and enjoy the satisfaction of starting a brand new jar.  

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Making a restaurant child friendly: Insights from parents’ groups

Making a restaurant child friendly: Insights from parents’ groups


When marketing a restaurants at families you need to appeal to decision makers – the parents. As a parent dining out can often be an exercise in patience and bargaining. And so family friendly restaurants have to put in a little work to make the experience that bit easier. This can easily be done by adding a few tweaks to their décor and process. 

  1. Activity 

Busy children make happy parents. By providing crayons along with some colouring in sheets or a disposable tablecloth you can easily distract children during the most trying time – when children are hungry and bored. Ensure you order vast quantities of crayons (which should be machine washable to further reap parental favour) and have fun and engaging colouring sheets to give mum and dad some breathing room to order.


Not every child is adorable and not every person feels the need to ooh and aah as a child leaves a spaghetti shaped stain on your wall. However, your staff should learn to treat children in much the same way as other difficult customers. Make a point of training all new staff in interacting with children – all your waiters should know to offer help where necessary, seat families at a big table as they often need more space and make sure there are plenty of high chairs, bibs and booster seats.

  1. Healthy Kid Friendly Options

There is a massive gulf between what a child wants and the food a parent hopes a child to eat. By providing food that bridges that divide you will be sure to find repeat business. At Popcorn and Candyfloss we are extremely proud of our signature waffle maker that allow waffles to be grilled rather than fried. This acts as the perfect treat for any child whilst easing parental nerves over high fat intakes. On an aside we also advise abandoning any heavy sauces or spicy flavourings for a kids menu, stick with simple food that is easy to eat.

  1. Facilities

Children have different requirements from adults, so ensure your restaurant specifically caters to their needs. Create a buggy parking space and invest in changing tables in both men’s and women’s restrooms (you will be assured of any wives’ vote) and source some kid friendly cups. There are some new designs on the market that are spill proof and will help create a far easier environment for any parent.

Booths are a great way of allowing families to spread out

  1. Speed

Read almost any parenting forum and the most important aspect of service is speed of service. Parents do not want to waste the night away enjoying a sumptuous, decadent soufflé enriched with truffle oil; they want to be in and out with as little fuss as humanely possible. When appealing to parents the most important part is to make food is brought quickly and tables are cleared efficiently between courses. Leaving plates out for too long could leave you with a rather high cleaning bill and find parents running for the door.

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Celebrating Popcorn day: A history of Popcorn

  1. Celebrating Popcorn day: A history of Popcorn


To celebrate International Popcorn day the team at A1 Equipment are taking a look back at the history of this most tasty of treats. A cinema staple and party food favourite popcorn has an impressive history, before being mass sold in 19th Century America it featured in Stone Age eating habits as well as Aztec religious ceremonies.


Possibly not the most well-known of scientists Harvard Grads Herbert Dick and Earle Smith found the oldest ears of popcorn. Buried deep within what may be the oldest rubbish heap known to man, in a bat cave in central New Mexico that has been carbon dated back 5,600 years. And from then our venerable snack pops up in an impressive number of ancient artefacts- a Zapotec funeral urn dating back to 300 A.D depicts a Maize god with symbols representing primitive popcorn in his headdress. Around the same time period ancient popcorn poppers were found on the North coast of Peru. It would seem our ancient ancestors may have had a similar inclination towards this most delicious of snacks.

The Aztecs

The Aztecs took their popcorn extremely seriously (as well they should.) Used as part of ceremonial headdresses, necklaces and ornaments it was viewed as an offering to the gods to ensure safety for their people and for a successful harvest. The Aztec people believed that popcorn resembled hailstones and offered it to their gods in water to placate them and protect their fisherman. There was even a popcorn dance which was performed during the festival of Toxcatl by young women as a method of further honouring their gods. It was so important to the Aztects that they even had a word for the sound of many kernels popping at once – totopoca.



Popcorn plays an important part in American popular culture, and according to myth was part of the first ever Thanksgiving feast in Plymouth colony. Whilst an enticing tale, the story is unfounded and popcorn didn’t have a cultural reference until 1889 and originally went by the name Pearl or Nonpareil. It was brought over to America by the Iroquois nation and was commercialised by Chicago entrepreneur Charles Cretors in the 1890s who built the first ever popping machine. The machine was mobile meaning popcorn could be sold anywhere and its popularity exploded with the arrival of Cinema.  During the Great Depression popcorn was one of few affordable treats and its appeal continued to rise during World War II. As sugar was rationed Americans ate three times as much popcorn as previously and popcorn’s ascent only really started to decline with the arrival of Television.

Modern Day Popcorn

Popcorn has recently received a massive boom as the general public has become increasingly health conscious seeking out lower fat and more nutritious alternatives to traditional snacks. According to the Telegraph in our own United Kingdom sales of popcorn rose by 38% and we ate 12 million kilograms of everyone’s favourite corn derivative. A classic alternative to crisps with no frying or heavy carbohydrates involved its popularity seems to be ever on the increase, perhaps it is time we considered reinventing the Popcorn dance.

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1. Inspiration for a festival themed Super Sweet 16

  1. Inspiration for a festival themed Super Sweet 16 

Super Sweet Sixteen’s made their mark in the early noughties with bright pink accessories and bejewelled automobiles. However, moving into 2016 teenagers today are far more discerning and seek to emulate a slightly more alternative aesthetic – specifically the festival scene. Even Kim Kardashian has been inspired by festivals, adapting the model to create a slightly tamer (although no less extravagant) version for her daughter’s party. North celebrated her first birthday surrounded by friends and family as well as an impressive Ferris wheel and mini stage.

However, for sixteen year olds still constrained by age limits a festival theme could be an exciting way to turn 16. And January is the perfect time to start planning, from the intimate to the larger celebration festival inspired parties require a great deal of planning, as well as a range of backups in case of rain (a highly plausible possibility given British weather.)


Given our British weather it is important to have an indoor option, as opposed to the traditional marquee try sourcing a more alternative tipi. The Tipi and Bell Tent Hire company or Tipi Rent both provide large tipis that can be decorated with cushions, blankets, rugs and various atmospheric accessories to create a stunning alternative to the great outdoors.


An important part of any festival is the food, all options should be easily held and eaten with one hand. For a more creative option try our Chocolate Shawarma machine. Visually striking and a real crowd pleaser these will certainly help any party pop, and create some genuine foodie excitement. They can be used as a sprinkling over crepes and with a variety of recipes to create some rather innovate food options. And for those who truly want to celebrate on this very special of day’s candy floss can well add a touch of nostalgia, and perhaps more importantly, creates little mess.





Every great festival goes on till the early hours and so coming prepared with glittering night time lights will help create a far more atmospheric evening than some old torches and mobile phone lights. Using some ordinary decorations it is possible to create really beautiful, inspiring outdoor décor that is both functional and adds an element of drama to the festivities.

 Taking a rather ordinary arch and decorating it with fairy lights can create a beautiful, striking centre piece. As well as a rather impressive backdrop for those obligatory birthday photos. It creates a classy alternative to what can be a sometimes bright or garish option.

Ornamental lanterns

 Lanterns may seem like a slightly odd option for a modern birthday party, however these antique decorations can be updated with baubles and lights to create a charming addition to the evening portion of the birthday.

Mason Jars

Mason jars may well be derided as a hipster trend, but they can be used as stunning decorative addition for any party. During the day they can be decorated with jewels and fairy and at night as a complement to other lighting décor.

For some further inspiration we recommend researching photos from Coachella, a festival that makes camping look not only cool, but enviable. 

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