Candy Floss Special Deals

Candy Floss Value Packs – Super Low-Priced Bargains

We always try to remain in contact with our customers – we want to know how their new machine is working and if there is any way we can improve our service. After 30+ years in the industry we appreciate the importance of adapting, so we work to create custom deals to help our clients get the most from our machines.

We have therefore created bespoke packages offering our clients everything they need to sell candy floss, including sticks, bags and Flossine. With free delivery within the UK, these package deals act as a one stop shop for all your candy floss needs. With one click you can place your order and have a courier service deliver direct to your door.

Delivery to Mainland Scotland, Channel Islands, Northern and Southern Ireland: due to extended courier charges, we regret the increase transport cost – still great value. Order now!