Chocolate Fountains

We supply a serious industrial, high-grade unit - its significant height makes it look stunning on any party desert table....

Chocolate Fountains are a fantastic investment for party planners, hotels and restaurants looking to enhance any party or function with a striking, impressive appliance. Our premium chocolate fountain is made of stainless steel with detachable parts making it easy to clean and assemble. It also has a temperature control that helps to create a smooth, glossy finish as the chocolate flows. Of the highest quality the fountain is CE approved, and therefore in line with the latest European legislation. Adding a massive amount of value to any venue or organisation this high quality machinery is guaranteed to attract lasting attention for years to come.

At A1 Equipment we also provide delicious white and milk chocolate specifically made to complement our fountains. With a high butter content, this chocolate requires no additional oil making for a far higher cocoa content for every dip and dunk into this rich, velvety stream.