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Don Churro - Churros Finger Donut System

Our Churros are a healthy alternative to traditional donuts. A traditional Spanish delicacy -  they are easy to make and uniquely require no frying. At A1 Equipment we are proud to offer a healthy, safe machine that creates crispy on the outside, soft on the inside Churros. Not only that, but our trademark simple baking method is far safer than traditional deep frying. Clean and easy to use our Churro machine provides a simple and easy method of baking this moreish treat – a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Churros are delicious spanish-style finger donuts - crispier than normal donuts and finger-shaped.

These are usually served with sugar, chocolate etc.

NO OIL OR DEEP FRYER NEEDED - Our Churros mix is all you need to get delicious churros - no deep fryer, no drums of oil etc - no oil mess - no oil 'safety issues' - this makes production very simple and easy.

The special churros mix lets you prepare the perfect churros without needing a deep fryer and drums of oil etc... Simply mix the 'churro mix' with water and add to churros maker - that is it!. The churros machine produces for you the finger donuts in just 2/3 minutes, simple, easy and quick..