Rondo 30/40cm Crepe Maker


A1 Equipment


Whether you are based in a shopping mall, restaurant, coffee shop, wedding event planner, event organiser, this crepe machine will bring you in tremendous profits. Our range of easy-to-use mixes makes it even easier. A very high quality design allows you to produce superb, gourmet-standard, mouth-watering crepes in just 30 seconds. It features commercial-quality, double-sided cooking plates. The genuine longlife Teflon non-stick surfaces are anti-smoking and self-cleaning. Another great feature for the serious professional user includes an audible and visual digital timer.

Bringing a touch of French gastronomical delights to any event, our carts offer an easy-to-use crepe making facility. Using a simple pump that measures precisely the quantity needed, a trademark patented leveller that creates the perfect depth of crepe and our quality stainless steel machine a stunning crepe can be ready in less than a minute. Our crepe machines are easy to clean, safe and hygienic, providing a delicious light crepe that will bring a touch of French class to any occasion.

Available in sweet or savoury crepes, there is a massive range of possible recipes. Our crepes are perfect as either a meal or snack option, meaning customers all day long. You can alter your recipes dependent on your local customer base – healthy and nutritious vegetables for the weight conscious or sweet, indulgent chocolate for those with a decadent treat.

    Available in 30cm or 40cm with pump.