Toffee Apple

Candy apples and caramel apples are the perfect combination of the delicious crunch of crisp apples with a sweet candy coating. We have a wide selection of candy/caramel apple cookers, warmers and accessories to quickly serve customers. Plus, our creamy caramels and tasty mixes are made with the finest ingredients to boost your sales.

Toffee apples are a festive treat, adding a little bit of sweet to this fruit. We offer:

  • Machines that were innovatively designed to exclusively make toffee apples
  • A caramel warmer that keeps your toffee at the optimum temperature to ensure the perfect consistency for apple coating
  • A specially designed caramel apple block that helps ensure the toffee apple making process works seamlessly and with minimal effort
  • Sensational coloured flavourings that create visually striking toffee apples
  • Setting agents that ensure your toffee sets quickly ready for your consumers
  • A sticker setter that allows you to quickly and efficiently set your apples with no fuss
  • Gourmet caramel apple dip that creates luxurious, decadent toffee apples
  • Trays and wrapping bags that allow people to take their candy apples home