Waffle Machines

Offer another tasty Belgian waffle treat to bring the crowds to your concession stand or business–they're perfect from school cafeterias to ice cream parlors and restaurants. Waffles make a great impact, but are simple to make in our mold and rollers, and the Belgian waffle bakers or waffle cone bakers. Plus, we have the display/merchandisers to promote sales, and our dips and mixes have just the right sweet, buttery taste to bring them back for more.

All our waffle makers and accessories are made using the highest quality parts, with an emphasis on innovation and health. Perfect for sites with a high tourist industry, waffles are a luxurious treat whatever your age.

  • Gold Square Belgian waffle maker: The premium waffle maker, this innovative machine creates delicious waffles. Using the latest innovation these waffles are baked rather than fried and act as a healthier alternative to this traditional snack.
  • Choco-Waffle Kebab System: This new product aims to increase profits, using specialised quick-set chocolate this system creates decadent waffles coated in rich chocolate that with their aroma and look are certain to attract crowds.
  • Luxury Gourmet Belgian Waffle Mix: Inspired by the original Belgian recipes, this mouth-watering mix creates rich, fluffy waffles in minutes. The simplest recipe it calls only for a small addition for water.
  • Waffle display case: A visual advertisement, this display case will rotate your fudge waffles, allowing you to pre-prepare, store and show off your divine creations.
  • Cleaning product: This specialised cleaning product was formulated to handle waffle irons. Sure to prevent sticking and carbon build up this fantastic products helps complement the output of every waffle maker.
  • Eggless waffle mix: Perfect for those with an intolerance with eggs, this recipe has been tried and tested to ensure there is no sacrifice on taste. Creating delicious waffles this mix can help broaden your target market.