48-oz. Cornado (RH Dump, Pass-Thru Handle)


Gold Medal


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Perfect for high-volume operators and professional concessionaires, the 48-oz. Cornado #2258-00-101 with right-hand dump and pass-thru handle delivers an astounding amount of popcorn per hour. With features like a stronger cabinet for improved durability and a modular control panelproviding better protection from oil and improved serviceability, you can turn your popping operation into a personalized profit-making success. This popper comes standard with a heated oil dispense tube and temperature display. Choose our optional Flexipop® and Salt/Sweet Switch to bring even more profits.


Style Cornado Right-hand, Pass-thru handle
Kettle Size 48 oz.
Dimensions 26"w x 26"d x 36"h
Dimensions (cm) 66.04w x 66.04d x 91.44h