• Popcorn & Candy Floss Combo Cart

Popcorn & Candy Floss Combo Cart

Production and promotion are a breeze thanks to this oversized wagon! The Candy Floss & Popcorn Wagon #3150CP from Gold Medal features a built-in area for a candy floss machine and a specialized shelf for a 6oz popcorn machine.

This luxury popcorn and candy floss cart is the best of both worlds, ideal for the serious fun food supplier who wants to be able to supply both popcorn and candy floss from the same trolley, with eye-catching graphics in magnet or decal format that can be customized.

It features a luxury cart, fully fitted out with the The Breeze Candy Floss Machine, a superb industrial quality unit, and the Super 88 Popcorn Machine, a professional popcorn maker that will produce 8oz of delicious popcorn every 3 minutes.

The purchase of this product includes:

*Flavours can be mixed. Please specify your choice of flavours on the note box at the checkout.

  • £3,329.00
  • (£3,994.80 inc. VAT)