• donuts filled with lemon cream and coated in white glaze with yellow sugar sprinkles

Frozen Lemon Donuts (x36)

Quantity: 36 pcs - 0.47p each!

Freeze, thaw and serve – no cooking or frying required.Please note delivery is approx. 7-10 days

All of our donuts are ready to serve, made using expertly developed American donut mixes and bases so we can guarantee great results every time. Our deliciously indulgent premium donuts allow you to capitalise on the trend for exciting, colourful product displays that will tempt customers to impulse purchase.

The Lovely Lemon donuts are topped with white glaze, decorated with yellow sugar sprinkles and filled with a zesty lemon filling. 

Specifications per donut:

  • Weight: 55g
  • Diameter: 90mm

Freezer space needed per case: 403mm(h) x 301mm(d) x 170mm(w)

  • £20.91