Luxury Gourmet Neutral Crêpe Mix


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There are two parts to a Crêpe - the filling and the batter mix - with our neutral mix you will produce a crepe that is perfectly crispy but holds its form! 

A tremendous business selling savoury Crêpe can easily be built - and with our mix to produce the perfect outside, sky is the limit with regards to the inside - to be honest it is hard to imagine what can't be used to draw the crowds... smoked salmon and scrambled egg... chicken and leek? tuna and vegetables... diced chicken and hummus...

Discover what the professionals use - to keep the customers returning, it is vital that you have a mix that is both easy to use and produces a consistent quality crepe.

With our neutral crepe mix, you can delight your customers with a garlicy, cheesy, mushroomy perfection inside what is ideal - a perfect crispy crepe!

Neutral Crêpe mix is often used when you are producing mainly savoury mixes but wish to use the same Crêpe mix for sweetCrêpe too. Our neutral Crêpe mix makes simple Crêpes that can be garnished with anything, making it the most versatile of bases.

From savoury fillings to cheese, sliced meat and spinach to sweet concoctions of chocolate, cream and fruit, the neutral crepe mix will produce completely plain crepes for the purpose of jazzing up with different fillings.

If you prefer to have a slight flavour to the pancake before you go crazy on the toppings, try adding half a tablespoon of salt or sugar to the batter whilst mixing. Other variations include adding cinnamon or garlic powder for a touch of subtle flavour.

Add 1.5 litres of water per each kg of mix.


Add 1.5 litres of water per each kg of mix.


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