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Flying Candy Floss Machine

It's show time! Imagine two-meter colourful and fluffy candy floss produced as far away as 5 meters from the machine – what theatre and crowd puller, right? Well, it's possible! You can now make super large candy floss up to 5 meters away from the machine. The Robojetfloss is a candy floss machine like no other – utilizing a 3600 RPM spinning head combined with a powerful updraft fan impeller, this innovation allows you to build massive cones in mid-air. The Robojetfloss leaves the machine upwards in an even, steady and powerful flaw, allowing you to make candy floss servings of unlimited size, up to 2 meters in diameter. What you’ll need is a little bit of practice and you’ll make incredible tricks with the upward current of candy floss and grab all customers over to your stand in seconds.


  • blue painted cabinet
  • handles for transportation
  • 20 seconds cold start time
  • up to 5kg/h production rate
  • up to 3-4 servings per minute
  • protected heat control adjuster
  • incoming power indicator (indicating voltmeter) 
  • window for brush assembly maintenance
  • equipped with a non-metallic floss pan dia.660mm

The spring-loaded supports soften vibration that arises while motor is in operation. Due to unique and patented design, the equipment allows operation under high ambient temperature and excessive relative humidity.


Dimensions (cm) 67w x 67d x 48h
Shipping Weight 15 kg
Watts 1700


Best results with our plastic candy floss sticks and flavoured ready-mixed sugar.