• Savoury Shake Mixes
  • Savoury Shake Mixes

Savoury Shake Mixes

Guests of your events are in for a treat thanks to this speciality popcorn flavouring powders that turn ordinary popcorn into extraordinary popcorn with dashes of bold flavours. Shake your way to innovative popcorn flavours with the Savoury Shakes from Gold Medal. Not only do these popcorn seasoning mixes taste great, but they also add an enticing and profitable touch to your menu that will increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Simply shake or tumble about 1/3 cup of your preferred popcorn flavouring per 5 gallons of regular popped popcorn. The fresher the popcorn, the more powder sticks.

    All savoury shakes are gluten-free.

      • £17.95