1. Inspiration for a festival themed Super Sweet 16 

Super Sweet Sixteen’s made their mark in the early noughties with bright pink accessories and bejewelled automobiles. However, moving into 2016 teenagers today are far more discerning and seek to emulate a slightly more alternative aesthetic – specifically the festival scene. Even Kim Kardashian has been inspired by festivals, adapting the model to create a slightly tamer (although no less extravagant) version for her daughter’s party. North celebrated her first birthday surrounded by friends and family as well as an impressive Ferris wheel and mini stage.

However, for sixteen year olds still constrained by age limits a festival theme could be an exciting way to turn 16. And January is the perfect time to start planning, from the intimate to the larger celebration festival inspired parties require a great deal of planning, as well as a range of backups in case of rain (a highly plausible possibility given British weather.)


Given our British weather it is important to have an indoor option, as opposed to the traditional marquee try sourcing a more alternative tipi. The Tipi and Bell Tent Hire company or Tipi Rent both provide large tipis that can be decorated with cushions, blankets, rugs and various atmospheric accessories to create a stunning alternative to the great outdoors.


An important part of any festival is the food, all options should be easily held and eaten with one hand. For a more creative option try our Chocolate Shawarma machine. Visually striking and a real crowd pleaser these will certainly help any party pop, and create some genuine foodie excitement. They can be used as a sprinkling over crepes and with a variety of recipes to create some rather innovate food options. And for those who truly want to celebrate on this very special of day’s candy floss can well add a touch of nostalgia, and perhaps more importantly, creates little mess.





Every great festival goes on till the early hours and so coming prepared with glittering night time lights will help create a far more atmospheric evening than some old torches and mobile phone lights. Using some ordinary decorations it is possible to create really beautiful, inspiring outdoor décor that is both functional and adds an element of drama to the festivities.

 Taking a rather ordinary arch and decorating it with fairy lights can create a beautiful, striking centre piece. As well as a rather impressive backdrop for those obligatory birthday photos. It creates a classy alternative to what can be a sometimes bright or garish option.

Ornamental lanterns

 Lanterns may seem like a slightly odd option for a modern birthday party, however these antique decorations can be updated with baubles and lights to create a charming addition to the evening portion of the birthday.

Mason Jars

Mason jars may well be derided as a hipster trend, but they can be used as stunning decorative addition for any party. During the day they can be decorated with jewels and fairy and at night as a complement to other lighting décor.

For some further inspiration we recommend researching photos from Coachella, a festival that makes camping look not only cool, but enviable.