Toffee Apples

Call it toffee apples or candy apples, they certainly are the perfect combination of the delicious crunch of crisp apples with a sweet candy coating. From the making to the serving of toffee apples, we stock a selection of items that you can transport everywhere for fast production and sale or even use at home to make your own toffee apples. The different colours and flavours, and multiple ways of decorating them with other toppings, make toffee apples a festive treat, as they can be personalised for every occasion: blue toffee apples for birthday parties, purple toffee apples for Halloween, red toffee apples for Christmas...

We offer:

  • a specially designed caramel apple block that helps ensure the toffee apple making process works seamlessly and with minimal effort;
  • sensational coloured flavouring mixes that make easy toffee apples recipes and will create visually striking toffee apples;
  • gourmet, creamy caramel dips that create luxurious, decadent toffee apples;
  • a setting agent that ensures your toffee sets quickly and is ready for consumers;
  • a caramel warmer that keeps your toffee at the optimum temperature to ensure the perfect consistency for apple coating;
  • a sticker setter that allows you to efficiently set your apples with no fuss;
  • trays and wrapping bags that keep freshness and allow people to take their toffee apples home.