A1 Equipment is proud to be Gold Medal's official UK main dealer!

For more than 80 years, Gold Medal has led the innovative process of bringing you the best machinery, technology and supplies. You could say they write the book on it. No shortcut has been taken when it comes to the quality of their products, which is why we stock an extensive range of Gold Medal's machinery and supplies.

If, however, you are after a specific product that we don't currently stock, we will happily order it in for you.

Below are some of the reasons why most people select Gold Medal's popcorn machines. 

Why E-Z Kleen? Whoever cleans your kettle will appreciate the stainless steel cook surface. Don't buy a small popper which does not have an E-Z Kleen Kettle. Cleaner kettles make better tasting popcorn. Cleaner kettles sell more popcorn!

Larger, more powerful drive motors are a way of life in Gold Medal poppers. From the smallest Titan to the Cornado, you'll find motors 33% (if not 50%) more powerful than the competition.

All Gold Medal's machines feature the double hung, twin arm kettle suspension – the ultimate in operator safety. No accidental oil spills and more working room in the cabinet.

The FlexiPop® option gives you "two poppers in one". On slow days, pop perfect corn in half size batches. On busy weekends, flip the switch and pop twice as much every three minutes. Perfect popcorn every time. When you keep on popping, you keep on selling.

From the 16-oz. up to the 52-oz. Grand Medallion, the "Big Eye" Electronic Heat Control automatically helps you produce better popcorn and sell 25% to 40% more! This is an authentic Gold Medal exclusive product.

A stainless steel cook surface with aluminium heat diffuser produces better popcorn. The world's first stainless steel kettle lasts years longer than chrome plated. Stainless steel kettle available for 6, 8, 12/14 and 16/18-oz. machines.

Theatres, arenas and stadiums need the protection that comes from fire suppression. The Gold Medal's Fire Suppression System costs about £3,000 per machine, installed, setup and tested versus costly vent hoods and fire drops.

What is PopClean? It's a new, "clean air discharge" option. The three stage filter in Pop-O-Gold and Medallion machines is very effective, but only the PopClean removes virtually 100% of all oil vapours, steam and smoke. The aroma of freshly popping corn purposely "escapes" to build popcorn sales.

The Uni-Maxx® name refers to the unified kettle and heat element, which permits the lowest possible energy consumption, with maximum popping capacity.

The new, built-in updraft filtration system allows for the same corn storage as a Pop-O-Gold. This is perfect for a retrofit where a hood system is required. The filtration system is similar to the Pop Clean. 

Now it's even easier to see how much oil is left in the Bag-In-A-Box (BIB) oils. The BIB Oil Level Sensor clearly displays the level by the popper controls. The BIB sensor is only available with Pop-O-Gold and Medallion poppers.

Top Hat Kettles have taller lid assembly, creating 30% more space for expansion. The counter balance weight system is similar to Cornado lids.

When it comes to safe operation, count on our unique PowerOff Control. Available standard on a variety of models, or as an added safety option, it automatically turns off your kettle's heat after 15 minutes of idle use.

With LED Lights in the domes and interiors, you will benefit with the energy saving, brighter and more attractive lights in the poppers.


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