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Leather Floaters (x2)Leather Floaters (x2)
Floaters for P1 (x3)
Carbon Brush
Gold Medal Carbon Brush
Sale price£9.95
Light Bulb for #2404 and #2408
Replacement Kettle for #2404
Replacement Kettle for #2408
8oz Lid & Agitator Assy8oz Lid & Agitator Assy
12/14oz Lid & Agitator Assy12/14oz Lid & Agitator Assy
6oz Kettle Lead Assembly
Spur Gear
Gold Medal Spur Gear
Sale price£14.75
Adjustable Feet for #2689
UK Power Cord - A1 EQUIPMENT
Old Maid Tray
Gold Medal Old Maid Tray
Sale price£39.95
Replacement Door for #2408
Scoop & Measuring Set
Lighted Rocker GR SwitchLighted Rocker GR Switch
DPST Rocker Switch
Gold Medal DPST Rocker Switch
Sale price£8.29
DPST Toggle Switch
Gold Medal DPST Toggle Switch
Sale price£9.95
Switch Mount BoxSwitch Mount Box
Gold Medal Switch Mount Box
Sale price£12.45
Lid Lift Knob
Gold Medal Lid Lift Knob
Sale price£6.39
Heat Control Knob
Gold Medal Heat Control Knob
Sale price£8.29
Sugar Seal
Gold Medal Sugar Seal
Sale price£19.95
Band Assy
Gold Medal Band Assy
Sale price£239.00
Spinner Head & Heating Element for P2
Spinner Cap
Gold Medal Spinner Cap
Sale price£54.99
Complete Spinner HeadComplete Spinner Head
Gold Medal Complete Spinner Head
Sale price£394.00
5" Heat Ribbon for Whirlwind
5" Heat Ribbon for Whirlwind +Floss Maxx
5" Heat Ribbon
Gold Medal 5" Heat Ribbon
Sale price£69.00
7" Heat Ribbon for Tornado
5.5" Single Floss Band
7" Single Floss Band
Gold Medal 7" Single Floss Band
Sale price£452.40
5" Double Floss Band
Gold Medal 5" Double Floss Band
Sale price£316.65
5.5" Double Floss Band
7" Double Floss Band
Gold Medal 7" Double Floss Band
Sale price£347.00
The Breeze Heating Element & Band Assy

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