Gold Medal Popcorn Machines

Our professional popcorn machines are built for the serious user, made using the highest quality parts by one of the oldest manufacturers in the business. We work closely with Gold Medal, a family-run company, who for close to a century have been selling premium popcorn machines from their base in the United States of America. Known worldwide for their consistency and exceptional customer service, they incorporate the latest technology and innovations to create popcorn machines thatĀ are safety assured, easy to clean, easy to transport and come with an inbuilt specialised warmer to keep popcorn fresh, crisp and hot.Ā 

From small popcorn machines that can help raise money for schools or charities, to large industrial popcorn machines that can produce significant quantities of popcorn; from red popcorn machines that areĀ aĀ tradition in the industry,Ā to black popcorn machines thatĀ give anĀ interestingĀ touch toĀ any environment; from modern popcorn machines to vintage popcorn machines ā€“ we are able to help you find the best popcorn machineĀ for your organisation.

We can deliver from our extensive range ofĀ popcorn machinesĀ direct to your door. We take particular pride in our custom delivery service that stretches as far as Africa. We work to keep in contact with all our customers to ensure they receive their machines quickly and intact. We also provide customisation for carts/bases, which is a fantastic opportunity for event planners to enhance a party theme, as well as incorporating branding.

A1 EquipmentĀ has a fully fitted showroom in London, UK with most popcorn machines on display, where you can get hands on work and taste.