Halloween Treats Ideas

When it comes to fun food, there are plenty of ways to get creative and stand out in the crowd and from the competition during seasonal celebrations.

As Halloween is just a few days away (and Guy Fawkes is subsequently approaching), we have compiled a list of thematic ideas for your events and parties, using products that you can easily find on our website and get delivered to your door in 1-3 working days.

Let’s start off with...


We have recently launched our very own range of artisan gourmet popcorn. Out of 14 flavours and colours, here is our top 3 picks for Halloween:

Black Cherry Popcorn

When we think of Halloween, we think of scary stuff. When we think of scary stuff, we associate dark colours with it. It doesn’t get darker than black – black popcorn certainly provides a spooky touch to any environment and builds curiosity amongst people.

Green Apple Popcorn

Aliens, witches, potions, smoke… – green recalls all things bizarre, meaning it works perfectly for Halloween.

Orange Popcorn

Pumpkins have become the main symbol of Halloween and so has their colour. Orange treats are therefore a must-have at Halloween events. Considering everyone loves sweet popcorn, our sweet-flavoured, orange-coloured popcorn makes the ideal choice.

Psst, an extra suggestion:

Chili & Lime Popcorn

We are giving trick or treat a whole new meaning with our spicy popcorn – you may think it's a treat, but it's really a trick when the chilli flavour kicks in! With a bloody colour, it's the perfect mischief.


Next up we have...


For the same reasons why we chose the previous popcorn colours, our top 3 candy floss flavours for Halloween is:

Grape Candy Floss Sugar

There is a reason why Gold Medal named this flavour “Spookie Fruiti” and now is the time to give it meaning. Purple is yet another colour that fits in and follows the Halloween memo.

Green Apple Candy Floss Sugar

Green candy floss isn’t very common to see, which only means that it will draw curious eyes and mouths all around. Its entrancing neon colour makes it even more Halloweeny.

Spices Candy Floss Sugar*

This spicy candy floss flavour brings your favourite autumn flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice together. The colour, flavour and smell combined make the dream team for a Halloween treat.

*If you desire non-spicy orange-coloured candy floss, we sell orange-coloured and flavoured candy floss sugar.

Psst, a little note:

White candy floss might look plain and boring, but it’s actually great for Halloween as it can impersonate ghosts or spider webs. Choose from birthday cake or passion fruit flavours.

This is where imagination comes to play. Using our candy floss sticks, plain candy floss bags and plain candy floss tubs, you are able to create spooky things with your candy floss.

Get inspired:


Last but not least, we can't forget...


Apples are nice and healthy, but they can be wicked. Coat them in dark coloured glossy sugar and they sure end up with a slight evil look – some people (including a certain Disney princess) even call it poison apples! Besides caramel dips, we sell mixes that turn your apples red, blue or purple.

Cherry Apple Mix

Blue Raspberry Apple Mix

Grape Apple Mix

All three mixes and caramel dips by themselves are enough to produce spooky-looking apples, but you can go a step further and decorate your toffee apples Halloween-style. 

Get inspired:


Show the true spirit of Halloween and make the most of this tradition at events that you are either organising or taking part in. All of the mentioned products and ideas are easy, quick and affordable to create. Order them today, so you can get ready for the big day!

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Gold medal gourmet Candy floss Flavor coulors and Revolution

Candy floss has come a long way since its invention in 1897. Not only has its name changed from “Fairy Floss” (the name “cotton candy” didn’t catch on until the 1920s), but its production method has also changed with the invention new technology, and in more recent years, Candy Floss  makers have gotten a lot more creative in terms of flavors.

Although Candy Floss  was originally spun by hand, in the 1970s, the first automatic cotton candy machine was built. This machine made it easier to make and sell cotton candy at fairs, carnivals, stores, etc.

In recent years, the biggest innovations in the Candy floss world have to do with the multitude of different flavors that are now available. This “flavor revolution” is in part thanks to the gourmet food trend and the reinventing of foods like Candy Floss , once restricted mostly to events like carnivals, as gourmet treats to be enjoyed year-round.

Pink-vanilla was the original Candy Floss  flavor, but today, candyfloss runs the gourmet  of flavors (and coulors). Mint, bubble gum, piña colada, sour apple, tropical fruit, lemon, lime, banana, grape, cherry, watermelon, raspberry, and chocolate (including chocolate variations like chocolate-cherry, chocolate-strawberry, and chocolate-orange) are just a few. For some Candyfloss machines, even wilder flavors like pistachio and fois gras are not out of the question.

Maple cotton candy and bacon cotton candy are two of the newest gourmet cotton candy flavors to hit the market. In the past year or so, these trendy new flavors have taken off in a major way. Maple cotton candy is considered such a special sweet treat that some people are starting to serve it up at weddings and other special events, and bacon cotton candy can be seen as part of the larger trend of “bacon everything.” Read the story about how Gold Medal Products and Dominic “The Midway Gourmet” Palmieri perfected the recipe for bacon cotton candy.

All in all, while Candy floss has come a long way over the years, from “carnival treat” to “gourmet eat,” it has maintained its classic appeal, which it probably why it’s remained so popular over the years. Although there are now countless flavors to choose from, Candyfloss still hits the taste buds in the same light, heavenly way it has for more than a century. For this reason, Candy Floss  is poised to remain a hit for centuries to come.

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Celebrate National Popcorn Day

Try These Recipes for National Popcorn Day!

National Popcorn Day is January 19th! worldwide

We’re celebrating with this roundup of delicious gourmet popcorn recipes your customers will devour – whether they’re looking for sweet, savory, spicy, or all of the above. Try them all and let us know which is your favorite!

Birthday Cake Popcorn

Even if it’s not their birthday, your customers will love the combination of sweet cake flavor with white chocolate drizzle and eye-catching rainbow sprinkles.

Add a little something special to your next party or event and serve up some Birthday Cake Popcorn. You can easily make this party goer favorite popcorn in a 5 gallon corn treat cooker. Recipe can be doubled for use in a 10 gallon corn treat cooker.


  • 5 gallons of popcorn popped in white coconut oil 
  • 1 package of Basic Corn Treat Mix #2096
  • 4oz. of white coconut oil #2654
  • 4 cups of white sugar 
  • 12oz. of water
  • 1 bottle of Free N Easy #2250QT
  • 1/4 cup of Birthday Cake Candy Glaze #2439
  • melted #5396 White Alpine Chocolate Wafers
  • 1/2 cup rainbow sprinkles


  • Take lid off Mark 5 Cooker Mixer 
  • Turn on heat/motor switch on 
  • Add the following directly to the cooker mixer
    • 4oz. of white coconut oil #2654 
    • 1 package of Basic Corn Treats Mix #2096 
    • 4 cups of white sugar 
    • 12oz. of water
  • Place the lid back on the cooker mixer
  • When buzzer sounds, turn heat/motor switch OFF
  • Turn motor switch ON
  • Take lid off the cooker mixer
  • Add 1/4 cup of Birthday Cake Candy Glaze #2439
  • Add the 5 gallons of popped popcorn to the cooker mixer
  • Tilt Cooker to 2nd position to let popcorn mix
  • Spray 10 squirts of #2250Qt
  • Let popcorn mix for 1 minute inside cooker mixer or until fully coated
  • Dump popcorn into cooling tray
  • Cool popcorn for 10 minutes by stirring popcorn constantly
  • Drizzle with melted White Alpine Chocolate Wafers
  • Add 1/2 cup rainbow sprinkles
  • Bag or store popcorn
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Glaze pop and corn treats to create vibrant, eye-catching colors for your popcorn

We are proud that some of our best ideas come from our customers!

The best way to produce a popcorn with a vibrant, eye-catching pink color.  What we discovered was a new use for glaze pop and corn treats Glaze Pop®!

Glaze Pop® is a convenient mix normally used to produce sweet flavored popcorn straight from the popcorn maker  Now, you can incorporate those same delicious flavors into your candy glaze products and the results are absolutely amazing!

For example, in order to produce the bright pink color  we used the Cherry Pink Glaze Pop® with the Basic Corn Treat Mix. In your corn treat cooker, simply directly replace the white sugar with Glaze Pop® and follow the standard corn treat cooking instructions. The finished product has the most robust colors and bold flavors. It is sure to attract your customers’ attentionand increase your profits and returning customers.

Some other combinations you can try include:

  • Milk Chocolate Glaze Pop® with Silky Chocolate Corn Treat Mix makes the most decadent chocolate popcorn mix.
  • A fun and flavorful fruity mix is Red Strawberry Glaze Pop® combined with Basic Corn Treat Mix. Plus, the color would make for a great Valentine’s Day red.
  • Mouths will water for Maple Syrup Popcorn made with Maple Glaze Pop® and Basic Corn Treat Mix. Try adding in walnuts for an unforgettable recipe.
  • Refreshing Vanilla Latte is our newest Glaze Pop® flavor. Make it even more rich and enticing by mixing it with the Basic Corn Treat Mix.
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How to Get Back on Track for the 2019 Fundraising Season

Looking Ahead: Getting Organized for the 2019 Fundraising Season

If this winter was your first foray into school fundraising and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, you’re not alone. The start of the school year brings changes and challenges for both kids and parents, and football season concession food  stands can be intense. To make yourself feel better prepared for the spring semester, use these tips to get organized and help your PTO best use its resources.

Set Realistic Goals and Document Them

Never go into fundraising with the aim of just raising as much money as possible. Know what your group needs funds for and exactly how much is needed. That way you can make a goal that’s realistic and attainable, and you can make a reasonable plan for how to reach it.

When everyone involved knows the pound amount required, and can see the breakdown of how much each person should contribute to hit the goal, it makes things seem much easier and more doable. Concrete goals provide a sense of urgency and accomplishment, while asking someone to help you raise an indeterminate amount can actually add more stress.

Form a Team Early

In the weeks leading up to the next season, get in contact with your group and set up meeting times, or at the very least, a text or email chain for discussion. When everyone knows each other relatively well and feels a sense of camaraderie, working together when things get tougher and come down to the wire will be simpler.

Keep your team informed of any new developments and remind everyone of the goals you’re all working toward together.

Create a Master Calendar

Whether it’s in a central physical location at the school or online, make sure there is one calendar that includes every event and every task leading up to it, along with each person’s designated responsibilities. Everyone should have access to it and understand at a glance what they should be doing and when.

This includes games and meets; setup, manning concession stands, and tear down; purchasing supplies; depositing funds; and any other tasks, large or small, associated with the fundraiser. There should be no question about who does what when. A shared calendar also allows anyone to reach out to someone who may have forgotten or missed their task.

Rely on Trusted Vendors

If fall season in the concession stand felt like you were always one step behind, it’s time to rethink your supplier. Did you know there’s another option besides big box stores that’s still affordable? Concession suppliers like Gold Medal not only sell equipment and food products to theaters and stadiums – they also specialize in!

Working with a vendor like this gives you access to their expertise, service department, and even scheduling deliveries of products. Imagine how much more organized you could be if you could plan on receiving all your inventory at a set time, stocking it, and then not wasting time making trips to purchase more. Use the downtime before spring season starts up to contact a representative and learn about how they can help your school.

Above all, make sure you’re constantly communicating with your team and everyone understands what’s expected of them. And remember: you’re all in this together, to benefit your children’s school, so try to stay as relaxed as possible and have some fun!

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The popularity of popcorn

The popularity of popcorn

POP… POP… POP… The sound hits you, slow at first, then like a storm, they magically transform into billows of crunchy yet soft white goodness. Next, the smell, tantalizing your noses and our taste buds. By the time your teeth crunch down on that first bite, you’re completely hooked!

#Popcorn is an irresistible treat. Try keeping a bowl to yourself during family movie night, or buying a small bucket at the movie theater. Before you know it, everyone is grabbing a handful of it and nothing is left. Popcorn is a simple, tasty treat on its own, but it also lends itself to a variety of toppings; butter, sugar, cinnamon, caramel, a sprinkle of smoked paprika, even chocolate! Popcorn provides a perfect canvas for your sweet and salty cravings.


The popcorn variety of maize was domesticated by Pre-Columbian indigenous peoples by 5000 B.C.E. It is a small and harder form of flint corn, most commonly found in white or yellow kernels. The stalks produce several years at a time, though they are smaller and yield less corn than other maize varieties. The “pop” is not limited exclusively to this type of maize, but the flake of other types is smaller by comparison. Popcorn likely arrived in to southwest

America over 2500 years ago, but was not found growing east of the Mississippi until the early 1800s due to botanical and environmental factors. Today the Midwest is famous for its “Corn Belt,” but prior to the introduction of the steel plow during the 19th century, soil conditions in that region were not suitable for growing corn. Evidence of popcorn’s first “pop” did not appear until the 1820s, when it was sold throughout the eastern United States under the names Pearl or Nonpareil.

One of the earliest recipes for popping corn came from Daniel Browne during the 1840s. His method required one to “Take a grill, a half pint, or more of Valparaiso or Pop Corn, and put in a frying-pan, slightly buttered, or rubbed with lard. Hold the pan over a fire so as constantly to stir or shake the corn within, and in a few minutes each kernel will pop, or turn inside out.” He adds that salt or sugar can be added while the popcorn is still hot. The problem with this method was that butter tended to burn before reaching a high enough temperature and lard produced popcorn that was soaked with grease. It wasn’t until the second half of the nineteenth century that an efficient method for popping corn was developed.


As popcorn grew in popularity, it began to appear in all sorts of variations. Louis Ruckheim came up with the first version of Cracker Jack, made from popcorn, peanuts and molasses, during the late 1890s. There are several different stories surrounding how the snack first got its name, but it undoubtedly derived from a popular slang term during the era, meaning “excellent” or “first rate.”

Popcorn’s mass appeal was brought to new heights thanks to movie theaters. Surprisingly, theater owners were not on board with popcorn sales in the beginning. They thought it might create an unnecessary nuisance in addition to requiring expensive changes, like installing outside vents to rid the building of smoky popcorn odors and the trend spread quickly.

Today Popcorn sales are up 169 per cent in the last five years reaching an estimated £129M

Bags of popped corn with gourmet flavorings have replaced crisps on the shelves of trendy lunch chains such as Pret a Manger and Costa.‎ Supermarkets and other brands are promoting them as healthy and even skinny.


Popcorn is the star growth performer in the crisps, savory snacks and nut market, more than doubling in size from 2010-15.

Popcorn’s health credentials and flavor innovations have helped boost the segment, along with its popularity among younger consumers, who are more likely to snack'

Statistics show over one third (35per cent) of people have eaten popcorn in a three month period, rising to half (49per cent) of those aged 16-34.

Can you imagine walking into a movie theater today without the scent of popcorn welcoming you inside? I sure cannot!!!

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International School Meals day

International School Meals day was co-founded in 2010 by the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States. Essentially it aims to affect the way children (and schools) approach food, a fight that was spearheaded by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver a few years ago and that remains extremely pertinent throughout the world. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention childhood obesity has more than quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years and in 2012 more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese.  These children run a far higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, morbidity and disability.

Not only is the government trying to raise awareness, but last year introduced laws to make clear the seriousness of reducing obesity in England. These included an emphasis on wholegrain foods instead of refined carbohydrates, one or more portions of vegetables or salad each day and no more than two portions of pastry each week. 

 So in support of this fantastic, meaningful charity at A1 equipment we have researched some tasty, healthy alternatives for children’s meals.


Popcorn is not only a fun treat to satisfy any child’s palette, but it is also a healthy alternative to traditional snacks (specifically fried crisps and sugar heavy cookies.) Made using very little oil and with plenty of low fat topping to choose from it is a delicious treat that can be bought pre-made or using a dedicated


Baked Breaded chicken

Whilst Kentucky Fried Chicken immortalised the popularity of fried, coated chicken there is no doubt that frying chicken somewhat detracts from this actually quite healthy source of protein. However, getting kids to eat anything that looks even remotely healthy can be extremely difficult. We advise baking breaded chicken and using fry light rather than oil and still calling them fried chicken. Less calories, less hassle and far far healthier.  


The fact that water is good and fizzy drinks are bad is a statement that few would deny, but that many find difficult to put into practice. According to an article in the Telegraph sugary drinks kill 184,000 adults a year – this is far more than an old wives tale, but a serious warning. Fizzy drinks can cause early puberty, obesity and premature aging. Ensure your school has healthier options, whilst it may be a challenge to get

children to drink water try using a small amount of cordial, or flavoured water as an alternative way to help reduce fizzy drink intake.  

Healthy Vending Company

There is something immensely satisfying to both adults and children alike to making a purchase from a vending machine. For a child, it is really rather exciting and certainly many school memories revolve around the fight to the vending machines. However, filling them with chocolates and sweets (however profitable) does a massive disservice to a school. Not only do they often little in nutrition they also mean children are far more likely to be hyperactive. Opt instead for a healthy vending machine filled with equally tasty, healthy snacks such as the extremely popular naked bars. 

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National Peanut Butter lover’s day

National Peanut Butter lover’s day

We are overjoyed that today is national peanut butter lover’s day, a day that celebrates this marvellous invention. Whilst there may be differing opinions over crunchy or smooth (which interestingly can be split by gender and geography with women preferring smooth whilst the West Coast of America prefer crunchy.) There is no doubt that we all love peanut butter – gluten free and vegan (although admittedly not great for those with nut allergies) it is a delicious treat and actually surprisingly healthy. Whilst by no means low in calories it is chock full of vitamins and minerals and very filling for those of us who find themselves hungry by 10.30.

So in honour of this auspicious occasion we have compiled a list of the things we most love to eat with our peanut butter.

  1. Crepes

Delicious and light we are not sure we will ever get over our love for crepes. A far superior alternative to the American pancake we like ours straight from the pan, and find them to be the perfect accompaniment to any tourist walk or shopping mall experience. And whilst we could write love letters to the many different toppings peanut butter and caramelised banana will always be one of our favourites.

  1. Churros  

    A healthier and lighter cousin to the donut, a perfect cylindrical shape baked to crisp perfection they just begged to dipped and dunked in some rich, luxurious dips. Whilst chocolate is a more classic option we cannot stress how melted peanut butter is the perfect marriage with our churros. It may not be carrot sticks and humus, but it is that little bit healthier than a jam donut whilst still offering some fantastic guilty pleasure.

  2. Waffles Fluffy, soft and super decadent the waffle baker is an invention conceived in heaven. Possibly the best thing to come out of Brussels and one of our best sellers we think there are very few events that aren’t enhanced by this phenomenal invention. And so we were overjoyed the first time we thought to combine our favourite spread with our soft, luxurious waffles to find ourselves in food heaven.

  3. Ice Cream

    Ice cream in cones, in tubs from dedicated parlours or just eaten with a spoon on the couch in pyjamas (possibly our favourite option) brings a little bit of heaven to our days on earth. However, for that little bit of extra decadence we advise an Ice Cream Sunday (a name we feel is rather misleading as they are perfectly advisable for any day of the week). We like ours with whipped cream, delectable sauces and lashings of peanut butter and chocolate drops.

    1. Toast

    A classic, but none the less our final favourite has to be peanut butter on toast. Spread thickly on a bagel it has to be the most perfect way to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning. They are those rebels who favour jam and we have even met those who add chocolate spread. However, we are genuinely not sure if there is anything better than warm toast with peanut butter, except maybe off a spoon. Maybe…

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Bouncy Castle Hire: Special Add-ons

Bouncy Castle Hire: Special Add-ons


Bouncy Castles are a beloved addition to many children’s birthday parties, bright, vibrant and exciting they can keep children entertained for hours on end. However, unless you are part of the Kardashian-West Klan and can afford a bouncy castle the size of a small house most castles can only accommodate a portion of any child’s Birthday party. And there are so many additions that could help make any birthday party that little bit more special (as well as help boost your profits.)

Face painting

There is little a child enjoys more than fancy dress and experimenting at being someone or something else for a little while. Keeping them entertained and occupied it is a fantastic addition to any child’s Birthday Party. Although we would advise investing in some hypoallergenic, super sensitive face paints to save any potential difficulties.

Circus activities

These are relatively cheap to buy and have the added advantage of being able to occupy more than one child. Toys like juggling balls, diablos or a (small) unicycle can all enhance a birthday party, giving children a little more variation and an easy and affordable theme to build a birthday party around.

Candy Floss Machine

We cannot pretend candy floss is the healthiest of snacks, however it is cheap to make and a firm kid favourite. Looking like a cloud and melting on the mouth it is basically the closest thing to entertainment in food form. Making candy floss can be an activity in itself and the very brave may allow the birthday boy or girl to have a go at preparing the candy floss. We also provide live demonstrations in our show room where we can answer all your questions and show you how easy making and selling candy floss can be.

Popcorn Machine

A far healthier alternative and perfect for families concerned about nutrition, popcorn is a healthy snack that can be pre-bagged and keep children entertained and full for hours on end. Coming in different flavours from sweet to savoury this is not only the perfect snack for kids, but for their parents as well.

Party bags

A necessity for any kid’s birthday party these are an easy upsell. Cheap to make and one less thing for a parent to do buying in bulk could make these a fantastic addition to your service. We advise some cheap yoyos, birthday cake (of course), a bag of balloons and a cheap £1 book.



Offering an entertainer is a great way to keep children entertained. Coming in different shapes and sizes entertainers should be DBS checked and come with reliable recommendations. A good children’s entertainer is worth his weight in gold and we would advise working hard to source the very best as they can make (or unfortunately) break a child’s Birthday party.

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Nacho Chip Day – (24th February)

At A1 Equipment we are delighted that Nacho chips have their own dedicated day and feel it is certainly time that this wonderful snack was properly celebrated. Invented in the 1950s by Rebecca Webb Carranza (a woman we fear has been somewhat forgotten by history) they were created to reuse the waste that was produced as many tortilla(nacho) machines produced misshapen tortillas. Instead of simply throwing them produce away Webb Carranza used the old adage “waste not want not” and instead cut the tortillas into triangles, fried then and invented the tortilla chip. Now a highlight in Spanish and Mexican restaurants as well as cinemas everywhere we think the culinary map would surely be lacking if not for this wonderful lady and her glorious invention. So in honour of Tortilla chips and Rebecca we have compiled a list of our favourite ways to eat tortilla chips.

Cheese sauce

There is no combination more classic than nachos and cheese. Simple, delicious it is a match made in foodie heaven. Really there is little that isn’t enhanced by cheese – a phenomenal food group alone. But, combined with the crunch of tortilla chips it is the best possible way to watch a movie or to begin your meal.

Jalapeno Chillies

Not for the fainthearted, Jalapeno Chillies add a serious spice factor. Adding a few of these to your nacho dish will give the aesthetic of a serious nacho eater and provide your taste buds with a serious tingle. The brave may try eating one lone chilli, however we advise coating in copious amounts of cheese and sour cream to stomach this terrifying addition.


From the mild to the spicy no nacho plate is complete without this obligatory addition. Vivid in colour and alive in taste this delicious addition adds a little (or a lot of) kick to any nacho tasting experience.


Adding a little bit of nutrition to a traditional nacho dish (avocados contain nearly 20 essential nutrients including fibre, potassium, Vitamin E, B and folic acid.) A creamy, indulgent addition they add another texture to a plate of nachos and can make you feel a little bit healthy.  

Sour Cream & Chive

Acting as something of a pallet cleanser (especially for those who have been a little heavy handed with the salsa.) This cool, creamy topping can help calm down the spice and is a perfect accompaniment for those who favour a milder flavour.

There are also plenty of delicious alternatives to the classic nacho recipe, for the more daring there is always:

Tex-Mex – This basically means adding in refried beans, a delicious dip that is incredibly easy to prepare. Resist the lure of the can and make the real deal for a delicious extra to your nacho dish.

Cajun – offering a far more subtle flavour, the Cajun offering is a tasty alternative.

 Includes: Cheese, Sausages, peppers, celery and onion

Greek – a lighter, lower calorie alternative to the traditional Mexican snack.

Includes: Humus, cucumber, tomatoes, feta, red onion, black olives & tzatziki

BBQ Chicken – Really a wonderful combination, for those who have yet to sample the beauty of BBQ sauce and we recommend you go and do so as soon as humanely possible.

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