Bagasse Range

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Showing 1 - 19 of 19 products
Bagasse Take Away Box 225x135x70mm.
Bagasse Snack Box 170x110x60mm.
Bagasse Round Plate 8.5”/22cm
Bagasse Round Plate 7”/17cm.Bagasse Round Plate 7”/17cm.
Bagasse Round Plate 10.5”/26cm
Bagasse Round LidBagasse Round Lid
Bagasse Round Bowl 750ml.
Bagasse Round Bow 1000ml.
Bagasse Rectangular Plate 25x21cm.Bagasse Rectangular Plate 25x21cm.
Bagasse Oval Container 770ml.
Bagasse Lunch Box 9inch
Bagasse Dinner Box 220x185x70mm.
Bagasse Breakfast Bow 8oz 230ml
Bagasse 2oz Portion Pot 2oz

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