Candy floss injects a touch of festivity and nostalgia into any celebration – these bright pink creations are a staple at fun fairs and concerts and a fantastic treat for young and old alike. It also has the added benefit of creating very little mess, especially when compared to other traditional snacks such as crisps and biscuits. 

Candy floss consists of only two ingredients – granulated sugar (which can be sourced extremely low cost) and powdered food colouring (of which only a small quantity is required to produce vast amounts). This means any operator will receive 90% of the profits – charging £1 a serving for candy floss on a stick will result in a 94p profit. As you can see from the graphic below, candy floss offers you tremendous profit margins. Just a few busy events will totally pay for one of our basic candy floss machines; the rest is all profit.

From small machines for local fundraisers and fairs, to industrial machines perfect for venues with a high capacity, candy floss is an assured money maker and will help to enhance your business offering.


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