• Luxury Donut Mix

Luxury Donut Mix

If you are looking to get a wow from your customers, give our donut mix a try! Donuts are normally made with flour and flavourings and fried in vegetable fat/oil. However, our donut mix uniquely does away with deep frying. It has been carefully crafted to work well with our donut machines, which means no deep frying is required and therefore contains lower calories and lower fat content. This gives your customers the optimum donuts: crispy outside, soft inside and, more importantly, not dripping in oil. 

Each 1kg bag of this ready-made donut mix produces approximately 60 mini donuts or 30 large donuts.

Preparation: In 400g of water, add 100g of sunflower seed oil. Slowly pour 1kg of the mixture. Add topping sauces and sprinkles for extra value.

  • £79.99