• Bulk Premier Flavacol Salt

Bulk Premier Flavacol Salt

Worldwide more popcorn is being popped with FlavacolĀ® seasoning salt, your secret ingredient to sell more popcorn! The Premier FlavacolĀ®Ā Bulk Box #2501 from Gold MedalĀ contains no Yellow #5 or #6 (natural colour) and is made using a proprietary process that results in salt with a finer flake, not a crystal, which naturally sticks better to the popcorn. The ultimate result is more salt sensation, but with less sodium. This seasoning salt features a far better buttery flavour than any other popcorn salt.

The salt comes packed in 22.7kg boxes for the ultimate value when making high-volume batches of popcorn. Contact us for quantity discounts.

  • £74.99