At A1 Equipment we are delighted that Nacho chips have their own dedicated day and feel it is certainly time that this wonderful snack was properly celebrated. Invented in the 1950s by Rebecca Webb Carranza (a woman we fear has been somewhat forgotten by history) they were created to reuse the waste that was produced as many tortilla(nacho) machines produced misshapen tortillas. Instead of simply throwing them produce away Webb Carranza used the old adage “waste not want not” and instead cut the tortillas into triangles, fried then and invented the tortilla chip. Now a highlight in Spanish and Mexican restaurants as well as cinemas everywhere we think the culinary map would surely be lacking if not for this wonderful lady and her glorious invention. So in honour of Tortilla chips and Rebecca we have compiled a list of our favourite ways to eat tortilla chips.

Cheese sauce

There is no combination more classic than nachos and cheese. Simple, delicious it is a match made in foodie heaven. Really there is little that isn’t enhanced by cheese – a phenomenal food group alone. But, combined with the crunch of tortilla chips it is the best possible way to watch a movie or to begin your meal.

Jalapeno Chillies

Not for the fainthearted, Jalapeno Chillies add a serious spice factor. Adding a few of these to your nacho dish will give the aesthetic of a serious nacho eater and provide your taste buds with a serious tingle. The brave may try eating one lone chilli, however we advise coating in copious amounts of cheese and sour cream to stomach this terrifying addition.


From the mild to the spicy no nacho plate is complete without this obligatory addition. Vivid in colour and alive in taste this delicious addition adds a little (or a lot of) kick to any nacho tasting experience.


Adding a little bit of nutrition to a traditional nacho dish (avocados contain nearly 20 essential nutrients including fibre, potassium, Vitamin E, B and folic acid.) A creamy, indulgent addition they add another texture to a plate of nachos and can make you feel a little bit healthy.  

Sour Cream & Chive

Acting as something of a pallet cleanser (especially for those who have been a little heavy handed with the salsa.) This cool, creamy topping can help calm down the spice and is a perfect accompaniment for those who favour a milder flavour.

There are also plenty of delicious alternatives to the classic nacho recipe, for the more daring there is always:

Tex-Mex – This basically means adding in refried beans, a delicious dip that is incredibly easy to prepare. Resist the lure of the can and make the real deal for a delicious extra to your nacho dish.

Cajun – offering a far more subtle flavour, the Cajun offering is a tasty alternative.

 Includes: Cheese, Sausages, peppers, celery and onion

Greek – a lighter, lower calorie alternative to the traditional Mexican snack.

Includes: Humus, cucumber, tomatoes, feta, red onion, black olives & tzatziki

BBQ Chicken – Really a wonderful combination, for those who have yet to sample the beauty of BBQ sauce and we recommend you go and do so as soon as humanely possible.