Bouncy Castle Hire: Special Add-ons


Bouncy Castles are a beloved addition to many children’s birthday parties, bright, vibrant and exciting they can keep children entertained for hours on end. However, unless you are part of the Kardashian-West Klan and can afford a bouncy castle the size of a small house most castles can only accommodate a portion of any child’s Birthday party. And there are so many additions that could help make any birthday party that little bit more special (as well as help boost your profits.)

Face painting

There is little a child enjoys more than fancy dress and experimenting at being someone or something else for a little while. Keeping them entertained and occupied it is a fantastic addition to any child’s Birthday Party. Although we would advise investing in some hypoallergenic, super sensitive face paints to save any potential difficulties.

Circus activities

These are relatively cheap to buy and have the added advantage of being able to occupy more than one child. Toys like juggling balls, diablos or a (small) unicycle can all enhance a birthday party, giving children a little more variation and an easy and affordable theme to build a birthday party around.

Candy Floss Machine

We cannot pretend candy floss is the healthiest of snacks, however it is cheap to make and a firm kid favourite. Looking like a cloud and melting on the mouth it is basically the closest thing to entertainment in food form. Making candy floss can be an activity in itself and the very brave may allow the birthday boy or girl to have a go at preparing the candy floss. We also provide live demonstrations in our show room where we can answer all your questions and show you how easy making and selling candy floss can be.

Popcorn Machine

A far healthier alternative and perfect for families concerned about nutrition, popcorn is a healthy snack that can be pre-bagged and keep children entertained and full for hours on end. Coming in different flavours from sweet to savoury this is not only the perfect snack for kids, but for their parents as well.

Party bags

A necessity for any kid’s birthday party these are an easy upsell. Cheap to make and one less thing for a parent to do buying in bulk could make these a fantastic addition to your service. We advise some cheap yoyos, birthday cake (of course), a bag of balloons and a cheap £1 book.



Offering an entertainer is a great way to keep children entertained. Coming in different shapes and sizes entertainers should be DBS checked and come with reliable recommendations. A good children’s entertainer is worth his weight in gold and we would advise working hard to source the very best as they can make (or unfortunately) break a child’s Birthday party.