We are proud that some of our best ideas come from our customers!

The best way to produce a popcorn with a vibrant, eye-catching pink color.  What we discovered was a new use for glaze pop and corn treats

Glaze Pop® is a convenient mix normally used to produce sweet flavored popcorn straight from the popcorn maker  Now, you can incorporate those same delicious flavors into your candy glaze products and the results are absolutely amazing!

For example, in order to produce the bright pink color  we used the Cherry Pink Glaze Pop® with the Basic Corn Treat Mix. In your corn treat cooker, simply directly replace the white sugar with Glaze Pop® and follow the standard corn treat cooking instructions. The finished product has the most robust colors and bold flavors. It is sure to attract your customers’ attentionand increase your profits and returning customers.

Some other combinations you can try include:

  • Milk Chocolate Glaze Pop® with Silky Chocolate Corn Treat Mix makes the most decadent chocolate popcorn mix.
  • A fun and flavorful fruity mix is Red Strawberry Glaze Pop® combined with Basic Corn Treat Mix. Plus, the color would make for a great Valentine’s Day red.
  • Mouths will water for Maple Syrup Popcorn made with Maple Glaze Pop® and Basic Corn Treat Mix. Try adding in walnuts for an unforgettable recipe.
  • Refreshing Vanilla Latte is our newest Glaze Pop® flavor. Make it even more rich and enticing by mixing it with the Basic Corn Treat Mix.