Candy Floss Machines & Supplies

We sell a full range of A1 Equipment and Gold Medal's candy floss machines. Our commercial candy floss machines are made using the highest quality parts by one of the oldest manufacturers in the business. We work closely with Gold Medal, a family run company, who for close to a century have been selling premium candy floss machines from their base in America. Known worldwide for their consistency and exceptional customer service, they incorporate the latest technology and innovations to create machines that are:

  • durable;
  • easy to clean;
  • lightweight / easy to transport;
  • able to produce candy floss quickly;
  • extremely safe (the machines run at low temperatures, significantly lowering any risks).

We also provide fully customization for the bases, which are perfect for enhancing a theme as well as incorporating branding. Visually striking, they ensure your candy floss draws all the right sort of attention.

As well as supplying top quality machines, we also offer a wide range of candy floss supplies to help with your production needs. We offer:

  • Flossugar - ready-made blended mix of sugar and colouring. The sugar is carefully chosen for its texture, making it perfect for creating fluffy candy floss. Exacting care is taken to add the right amount of colourings for the perfect candy floss finish.
  • Flossine - specially created to enhance the look, taste and smell of candy floss. It's the perfect accompaniment for any candy floss creation, guaranteed to work well with any machine. Compactly packed, Flossine is a worthwhile investment for any candy floss supplier.
  • Candy floss sticks - perhaps not the most glamorous of accessories, wooden sticks are still an important addition to any candy floss operation. 
  • Candy floss containers - in a variety of sizes, our containers and bags come in a range of styles and shapes. They are of a high standard and allow you to prepare your candy floss before the crowds arrive.
  • Candy floss scoop - this custom-made appliance helps you serve your candy floss quickly and efficiently. Perfect for the vendor dealing with large crowds.