Fresh Cone Bakers

A far more popular alternative to ready -made ice cream cones, our freshly made cones are a crisp, delightful accompaniment to your ice cream. Made using waffle mix these are sure to impress all customers – with a spectacular aroma and unique look they enhance your ice cream offerings. They can be either pre-prepared or cooked and shaped in mere seconds – into either a cone, a boat or a circular dish. Easy to make, they add a special touch to ice cream and create a delightful parlour vibe that can especially help attract tourists.



Although most vendors don't use them, they are far more popular - cones that are freshly made outsell pre-made cones two to one, and the fill the area with a super-delicious aroma that really does draw the crowds.

Because freshly made cones, especially ones made with our Gold Medal mix, really do increase profits

We stock a full range of ice cream waffle makers, ice cream cone bakers, cone display cases, cone rollers, waffle dish forming kit, waffle cone jacket, gourmet 'waf-a-cone' mix etc