• Luxury Churro Mix 1/5/20kg
A1 Equipment Ltd

Luxury Churro Mix 1/5/20kg

  • £12.95

If you are looking to get a wow from your customers, then you don't want a flavourless, mass-produced mix. Many places serve rather bland churros that rely on the 'add-on' to add the flavour. Our ready-made churro mix, on the other hand, produces crispy on the outside yet soft, doughy and tender on the inside churros.

Churros are normally made with flour and flavourings and fried in vegetable fat/oil. However, our churro mix uniquely does away with deep frying. It has been carefully crafted to work well with our churro makers, which means no deep frying is required. It therefore contains lower calories and lower fat content. This gives your customers the optimum churros: crispy outside and soft inside... and, more importantly, not dripping in oil. 

Preparation: Add 1kg of the mixture and a cup of vegetable oil to a litre of water, which will produce approximately 18-20 double portions. Pour 1-2 ladles of the ready mixture onto the specially shaped grill (designed in finger slices for individual churros). Serve plain or with dips.

Your cost: 30p per portion / Typical selling price: £3 per portion