• 5.5" Double Floss Band

5.5" Double Floss Band

Gold Medal #42517

This replacement part is for use on the Super Floss® Maxx Candy Floss Machine #3077 and the X-15 Whirlwind Candy Floss Machine #3015A from Gold Medal. It can be used with the 5" Heat Ribbon for Floss Maxx.

These bands are made of high strength material with a dielectric coating for insulating of the bands and are designed to give long and trouble-free service. Nevertheless, damage will result if subjected to undue pressure from over-tightening of the floss head screws, dropping of the bands or striking the bands sharply. If a chip or crack appears inside contact areas where the ribbons are positioned, the band must then be replaced since the insulating capacity of the band is lost.

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